Center for HOPE

The Center for HOPE will continue to strive to be the leader in research and practice in the fields of health outcomes, pharmacoinformatics, and epidemiology while continuing to serve the community and our partners. Future work will help society better understand the challenges that all individuals, including the medically underserved, face and how to best overcome these challenges.


The Center for HOPE will:

  • Continue to develop a strong central repository of data to be made available to researchers to address a multitude of issues impacting the healthcare community and the health of our patients. This repository will allow those working within the Center for HOPE to conduct important and impactful research and to develop partnerships with others in the research community.
  • Expand collaboration into work with underserved populations such as “first peoples” groups, government-supported community health centers, faith-based “free” health care centers, and other distinct populations.
  • Initiate collaborations in other regions of North America.
  • Build on existing research collaborations with the University of Zimbabwe and other partnerships to expand them to include Center for HOPE-related work.